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Public Involvement Program

During the study phase (Phase I) of the I-70 Polk-Quincy Viaduct project, significant public involvement activities were implemented to engage the general public as well as key stakeholders. The goal in the design phase (Phase II) of this project is to provide more focused and targeted involvement with the key stakeholders in the project, while also providing project information to the general public.

These more focused engagement efforts will allow for the project team to continue to develop and maintain relationships with stakeholders, instilling trust in and support for the process. This will be achieved through a program that recognizes the unique circumstances of the project, provides for continuing substantive input by stakeholders, ensures that stakeholder and public concerns get fair consideration and meets state and federal requirements. The public involvement plan will employ various methods for communicating with stakeholders and will be coordinated appropriately with ongoing technical activities.

Components of the plan will include a Key Stakeholder Group and smaller Stakeholder Subcommittees that will focus on three specific areas — access, aesthetics and maintenance of traffic (MOT), and numerous communication strategies, including updating of the project website, development of fact sheets/newsletters and , news releases, public meeting coordination and utilization of KDOT's existing social media presence.

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